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Request for Quote - Response to questions

12 Jul 2013

Binational Project to develop Shared Entry-level Qualifying Statements for the physiotherapy profession - response to questions dated 11 July 2013. Please note the extended time frame for the project.

Request for Quote: Development of shared physiotherapy entry-level qualifying statements for the physiotherapy profession in Australia and New Zealand.

To view the Request for Quote information and documents, see the Request for Quote news item - 30 May 2013.

  Question Response
 1. Please clarify the end date of contract. Schedule 1 documents the end date as 6 July 2014, the tender document 12 September 2014. Is 6 July 2014 a fixed completion date? The agreed completion date is 12 September 2014.

A break has been scheduled late December/early new year that acknowledges stakeholder access may be comprised during this period.

The dates are indicative and will be confirmed with the successful Tenderer.
 2. Please indicate the expected time for the approval process through the Steering Committee at Stages 1, 2 and 5. We have estimated 2–4 weeks for approval process for these stages.
The exact timeframes for approval will be negotiated with the successful Tenderer.
 3. Would it be reasonable to expect that Expert Reference Group members would be willing to lead a structured small group during consultation in their local area in conjunction with a member of the project team? Yes.
 4. Can you please confirm all documentation and drafts will be accepted in electronic format, including the final draft of the standards? Confirmed.
 5. Will the two Board websites provide access to the approved consultation draft? Yes.
 6. Will there be documented criteria for 'satisfaction' to be evaluated against for successful completion of payment stages? This will be determined through working collaboratively to review whether deliverables as described in the RFQ have been met.
 7. Is communication between the Expert Reference Group (ERG) and project manager, and the Steering Committee and project manager to be costed into the project tender? Yes - for your time, and for any travel. There is no payment for the ERG or the Steering Committee, so no requirement for costing of these factors. There will be scheduled meetings with the ERG and the Steering Group.

At this stage it is anticipated that there will be up to 13 Steering Group meetings and at least 4 Expert Reference Group meetings.
 8. The pricing template requests amounts exclusive of GST. The 'summary of costs' (page 33 tender document) states inclusive of GST. Could you please clarify? For the purpose of the response, could you please exclude GST.
 9. We have a question related to Point 2 of Stage 1 (page 5 of Request for quote). Is what you are asking for is the best approach for laying out the competencies format? e.g., in the current one, the element, criteria, and examples are provided. In contrast, in the recent update to the Speech competencies, Units, Elements, Performance Criteria and Cues are provided. In turn the proposed methodology would be based in part on the premise that the new qualifying statements would be developed and presented in line with best practice.

Ideally identification of best practice would be supported by methodology for determining same (e.g. literature review, critical review of existing qualifying statements etc) with an expectation that consideration is made at a global level.
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