Physiotherapy Board of Australia - CPD matters to be audit ready – Physios reminded to get on top of their professional development obligations

CPD matters to be audit ready – Physios reminded to get on top of their professional development obligations

10 Aug 2018

Physiotherapists are being reminded to be audit ready in 2018 by meeting the continuing professional development (CPD) obligations set by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (the Board).

One of the functions of the Board is to support the physiotherapy workforce to maintain and improve the high standards of practice and care received by their patients. Registered physiotherapists renew their registration with the Board every year. Only those who meet the Board’s CPD registration requirements can maintain registration, something which is checked each year through an audit process.

Under the Board’s requirements, all registered physiotherapists must declare when registering that they have completed a minimum of 20 hours of relevant CPD and reflected on the impact of that CPD on their practice during the period November 2017 to November 2018.

Practitioners are best placed to determine the most appropriate activities for their professional development. The Board has published information and resources to help them meet their obligations outlined in the physiotherapy Continuing professional development registration standard and guidelines.

‘CPD is essential to providing safe care and helping contribute to improving the health of all Australians. All physiotherapists should familiarise themselves with the CPD standard and guidelines and use them to move through the stages of CPD to help plan, do, record, reflect on and guide their practice,’ said Board Chair Charles Flynn.

‘We urge all physiotherapists to access the resources published by the Board on its website, especially in terms of breaking down CPD into easier to manage stages. Evidence of completing CPD activities will be checked during audit. It’s vital for physiotherapists to meet their obligations so they can stay registered and help keep patients safer by keeping their professional development up to date,’ he said.

The Board has published a new poster for practitioners to help break down the CPD cycle and help them understand what they need to do each year. Physiotherapists must provide evidence of the CPD activities they have completed to meet the requirements of the Board’s standard. Their CPD activities must directly relate to their physiotherapy practice and a reflection recorded against those activities. Choose suitable activities that address your CPD needs.

Don’t take the risk of not meeting the requirements if audited, get your CPD underway today.

Still have a question? Helpful resources

  • You can read these registration standards on the Board’s website.
  • The Board has also published guidelines and FAQs to support the standard and to help practitioners to understand its requirements.
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