Australia and New Zealand Launch Joint Physiotherapy Practice Threshold Statements

01 May 2015

Australia and New Zealand have launched the first bi national physiotherapy practice threshold statements at a joint meeting of both countries’ key physiotherapy stakeholders held in Singapore today.

“This a landmark moment for the physiotherapy profession in both countries”, stated Janice Mueller (Chair Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand). “It recognises there is professional movement between our two countries”, stated Paul Shinkfield (Chair Australian Physiotherapy Board).

The new Practice Thresholds replace the existing Standards for physiotherapy (2006) (in Australia) and the New Zealand Physiotherapy Competencies (2009) (in New Zealand).

The Practice Thresholds aim to ensure there are mutually consistent entry level statements for the physiotherapy profession for Australia and New Zealand. These practice thresholds set the requirements for all New Zealand and Australian physiotherapy graduates. “They also provide a valuable tool for use by the broader profession when assessing physiotherapists. This is important for the ongoing assurance of competence as physiotherapists’ careers develop. For consumers of services; it is important that they have confidence that the care provided is safe and reflects contemporary practise”, states Janice Mueller.

“The implementation will be a phased process as we need to work our key stakeholders”, says Paul Shinkfield; “this is not an immediate process and there are differences that both countries need to work with on the rollout”.

The Practice Thresholds are published on each Board’s website:

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