Removal of reprimands

Removing reprimands from the national register

Reprimands on a practitioner’s registration can be imposed under the National Law by a performance or professional standards panel (panel), professional standards committee in New South Wales (NSW committee) and a relevant tribunal or court.

A policy to ensure consistent removal of reprimands from the national register of practitioners has been approved by all National Boards.

Where a panel, NSW committee or tribunal or court has specified a publication end date, you do not need to apply for the reprimand to be removed. The reprimand will be removed from the register on the date specified by the panel, NSW committee or tribunal or court.

Where a panel, NSW committee or tribunal or court has not set a publication end date, or where the reprimand was imposed under previous legislation, the reprimand will be removed no earlier than five years from the date of initial publication.

This is subject to:

  • the practitioner making an application for removal of the reprimand
  • no relevant event having occurred in the five-year period of publication of the reprimand.

A relevant event is any health, performance or conduct notification action taken against the registrant in relation to an adverse disclosure on renewal of registration, new information returned on a criminal history check, a confirmed breach of restrictions, or where the practitioner has been the subject of action under Part 8 of the National Law or its equivalent in a co-regulatory jurisdiction. This includes receipt of any new notification irrespective of whether action was taken.

Applications received prior to five years from the date of publication of the reprimand will be considered in compelling circumstances. Any application should address why the Board should be satisfied that it is no longer necessary or appropriate to record the reprimand on the register.

The policy took effect on 2 October 2017. An application form for removal of a reprimand from the national register is published under Common forms on the Ahpra website.

Page reviewed 14/10/2021